Episode 3:

Oh, the things you'll write!

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Writing in graduate school!

Odalis and the Emily's discuss their experiences with the many forms of writing that we have come across in graduate school from disquisitions to research articles! We hope you enjoy our tips and tricks for writing!

Here are some resources that informed our episode!

Rejection rates in APA journals

Calarco, J. M. (2020). A field guide to grad school: Uncovering the hidden curriculum. Princeton University Press. 

Science News

Have you ever wondered how starfish would wear pants? Believe it or not, scientists have! Below is a scientific paper (and a pop science article) diving into that answer!

How would a starfish wear trousers? 

Formery et al., 2023

Next episode

We will be taking off January to enjoy the winter break and return in February. Our next discussion will center around the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it relates to the various identities we hold and/or would like to spotlight for their unique experiences in the world of academia! 

Hosts this month

Emily Hackerson, Odalis Garcia, and Emily Johnson