Episode 1

A roundtable discussion on mental health:

It's Not Spooky to Take Care of Yourself

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Episode Description and Resources

Mental health care and the conversation surrounding mental health and mental illness continues to be stigmatized, inaccessible, and sometimes outright ignored. We glorify the grind and sometimes feel left in the dust if we dare to stop and take care of ourselves. In this episode, we will discuss some common mental health problems associated with academia, and our personal experiences with them. Our hope is to humanize the conversation instead of talking about statistics, because the statistics, albeit shocking, are clearly not inspiring much action to make the needed resources accessible and available to all. 


The National Alliance on Mental Illness site is full of incredible resources

Check your voter registration!

Explore voting resources in any state - including information about candidates

Science News

This month Odalis talks about the new bivalent SARS-CoV-2 booster that most people are now eligible for! Get your flu shot and Covid booster this flu season. 

Bivalent boosters

Story Time with a Grad Student

The search for the missing appendix.... 

Emily is trying to locate the appendix in an ebook she found that would be very relevant to what she wants to do as a career and potentially for research now. Stayed tuned for updates...

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The podcast team discusses our experiences as we learn about, apply for, get (or don't get) various grants, fellowships, and scholarships.  

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Emily Hackerson, Odalis Garcia, Emily Johnson, and Alex Knopps