Episode 6:

Translating Our Jobs

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Translating our Jobs

This month's episode discusses how we explain our complex and unique jobs to our friends, family, and community. Over our first year, we have learned many misconceptions about our jobs as graduate students in a research-focused program. We discuss how we work around common misconceptions and how we explain what we do. Our insight could be helpful for anyone curious about graduate school to keep in mind what we actually do as opposed to what it seems like we do.

Science News

Emily introduces information about the Juul ban (and stay of the ban) in the U.S. She also presents information about the risks of vaping looking at the cellular level.

NPR Article on the Juul Ban

Yu et al. 2016 Peer Reviewed Paper on the cellular consequences on vaping

Thank you!

Thank you for listening to our first season of the Scientists in Training! Tune in for season 2 coming after a short break.

In addition, on August, 5th, 2022, we are launching our first blog post. Emily Hackerson reflects on her first year of graduate school and shares her insight!

Hosts this month

Emily Johnson, Odalis Garcia, Emily Hackerson, Rachel Delaney, Alex Knopps