Episode 5:

Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome

On this month's episode, Rachel introduces the conversation around the common phenomenon imposter syndrome. She introduces the phenomenon, how it can be represented in different people, and a few of the underlying factors that promote the syndrome. The podcast team shares their experiences with the syndrome spanning from high school to graduate school. They also shared their experience in ways to reduce the impact of the syndrome.

Here are the important sources we used to drive the conversation.









A moment from a scientist

Emily shared some tips and tricks on public speaking. She learned these through her public speaking experience. Some of the tips she discusses include how to prepare for a speech and how to reduce mistakes while speaking.

Science News

Odalis and Emily discuss the implications of the new California bill requiring later school start times.

Senate Bill No. 23 Pupil attendance: school start time.

Ziporyn et al., 2022

Bowers & Moyer, 2017

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Join us next episode for our first discussion on translating our jobs.

Hosts this month

Rachel Delaney, Odalis Garcia, Emily Hackerson, Emily Johnson, and Alex Knopps