Having Fun in Grad School

Having Fun in Grad School Discussion

In this month's episode, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the podcast! Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported us over our first year!

For our main discussion, the podcast team discusses the different activities they like to enjoy when not doing work for graduate school. Grad school is very stressful and challenging, which can lead to burn out and other downstream effects, so making time to do non-academic things is essential.

For more information on burn out, see the Mayo Clinic's website

In addition, the podcast team sets goals for ourselves for next year!

Hosts this month: Alex, Emily, Emily, and Odalis

Next Episode

We will be discussing our experiences attending conferences, writing manuscripts for journals, and our 2023 March Mammal Madness Tournament Standing

Hosts this month

Odalis Garcia, Emily Hackerson, Emily Johnson, and Alex Knopps