Having Fun in Grad School


In this episode, the podcast team interviews folks who are pursuing career paths other than the experimental research path that the podcast team is currently pursuing!

Time Stamps for each interview:

[5:25] Emily Hackerson's interview with Matt Bittman; Medical School path

[16:30] Emily Johnson's interview with Jade Berg; Psychology Counseling path

[34:45] Emily Hackerson's interview with Kay Adamski; Industry path

Science News

We also discuss some exciting science news about ⁠Mitochondrial Donation and treatments,⁠ as well as, a ⁠review article⁠ and ⁠BBC article ⁠on a baby that was born with three sets of mitochondrial DNA 

Thank you!

Thank you for another great season of listening to our podcast! We look forward to picking up Season 3 in the fall of 2023!

Catch you then!

Hosts this month

Emily Hackerson, Emily Johnson, Odalis Garcia, and Alex Knopps