Episode 4

Starting the Conversation:

Racial Minority Insights

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Starting the conversation: Racial Minority Insights

In this episode, we talked to a few of our friends to give us their insights, tips, or memorable experiences about higher education and collected a few main ideas to share! Odalis, along with insights from these students, describes what its like being a graduate student coming from a family-oriented culture, feeling like you don't belong, encourages you to share your perspective, and emphasis the importance of social support. This episode is our way of introducing the topic of being a racial minority in higher education but this conversation will continue to happen throughout our content!

We would like to give a special thanks to our friends that shared a little bit about their experience with us!

  • Ariana, a Hispanic woman pursing a PhD in Chemistry at North Dakota State University.

  • Xaria, an African-American woman pursing a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas.

  • Gita, an Asian woman with her MPH in Environmental Health at the University of Minnesota.

*Their quotes included in this episode are read by Emily Hackerson*

*Featured in our episode cover is the Latina Scholar Crewneck from Latina Grad Guide (a great platform from a Latina PhD student)*

To learn more about representation of minorities in STEM and Higher Education check out our sources!

Demographic Attributes of S&E Degree Recipients - National Science Foundation

Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education - American Council on Education & The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Science News

Emily discusses recent improvements to cancer diagnostic technology using nematodes (C.elegans)

Nematodes Sniff Out Cancer

Shiga et al., 2022

A moment from a scientist

Alex discusses how to perform a systematic literature search utilizing tools previously discussed on the podcast, forward and reverse literature search from episode 1, and citation management software from episode 2. In addition, he teaches how to utilize the boolean search function in databases.

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