Episode 2:

What is DBER?

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What is DBER?

On this month's episode, the podcast team is joined by Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER) graduate students Johnny Nguyen, Idris Malik, and Ariana McDarby to discuss what DBER is; with disiplines covering Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. We share our experiences and perspectives working both within and outside of DBER. If anyone is interested in any form of Education Research, check out this epidose to learn more!

Next episode

Emily, Emily, and Odalis will discuss their perspectives and experiences in the many forms of writing we have encountered in graduate school and what you can expect while embarking on the adventure of writing in graduate school!

Hosts this month

Emily Hackerson, Odalis Garcia, Emily Johnson, and Alex Knopps

Special Guests: Ariana McDarby, Idris Malik, & Johnny Nguyen