Episode 3:

Being Spiritual in Grad School

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Being Spiritual Discussion

Odalis and the Emily's discuss their experiences as Scientists and People of faith including our faith story, particular challenges, and times our faith has really helped us through graduate school. From the Scientists in Training team to you, we want to wish our listeners, supporters, and families a Happy Holidays and we will see you in the New Year!

Barnes et al. 2021

Science News

Did you know rats like to dance to the beat just like (most of) us!?! Well they do! The evolutionary hypothesis behind how humans inherited rhythm perceptions is getting more and more support! Below is a scientific paper reporting these results and and news story covering the discovery!

Ito et al., 2022 

ABC News Australia Story

A Moment From A Grad Student

Do you have an awesome undergraduate student interested in learning and teaching STEM? Encourage them to apply for our Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER) REU program @NDSU! #REU #NSF #DBER  https://www.ndsu.edu/dber/reu_program/  

 Our REU participants work in a learning community of undergraduate scholars over 10 weeks during the summer. They are immersed in hands-on research experiences in discipline-based education research, housed on-campus, and earn a $6000 stipend #NSF #DBER

Of particular interest, Alex and Emily (Hackerson) are mentoring on 2 projects! Project descriptions linked here!

Next episode

We will be taking off January to enjoy the winter break and return in February. Our next discussion will center around some of the host's experiences as sexual minorities in graduate school.

Hosts this month

Emily Hackerson, Odalis Garcia, and Emily Johnson